Expat Mortgages

As an expatriate, it can often be difficult to arrange a mortgage on a UK property whilst living overseas. Lenders often set tougher lending criteria for expats and communicating with a mortgage broker and other parties from abroad can be difficult.

We understand these difficulties and can help you every step of the way. From our relationships with specialist lenders, to our team of advisers who will be available to you when you need them, we can take the pressure from you and help you secure the funding you need whether it’s a residential property or a buy to let investment.

Those applying for expat mortgages may find it difficult to secure funding, even if they have a suitable deposit and are able to afford the repayments. This is because expatriates can often be considered ‘high risk’ by most high street lenders as pursuing debt overseas is undeniably harder than in the UK. There are a limited amount of lenders in the market offering mortgages to those living outside of the UK.

Should you be considering to purchase a property in the UK from abroad, residential or buy to let, contact one of our advisors for a more detailed discussion.